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Fishing for A BETTER WAY?

Entrepreneurs are always fishing! Fishing for a better way! A better way to utilize capital, protect what is theirs, and a better, more efficient way to success, wealth, capital preservation, or whatever their desire may be.

While recently captive in the wilderness with great people there were many great experiences such as flying in a small plane, appreciating a small portion of God’s creations, great food and company, rest, a taste of the Northern lights, and of course fish. Big fish, little fish, hard to catch fish, smart fish, you get the idea. Each person on this 3-day adventure probably caught at least 100 fish.

Was it luck? Being in the right place at the right time? Or extensive research of the 200 mile lake and the five main species of fish, their diets, temperature of the water, or special lure? Although any of these items may play a factor, anyone knowing me and my limited outdoor skills knows for sure it must be the professional guide.

These guides have a variety of experience. Some of the younger guides are being taught by the more senior guides. Others may just be collecting a paycheck. Many know this lake inside and out. One guide, Robert has been a guide on this lake for 35 years. He knew where to find calm coves of water in the midst of some significant windy, choppy water. He also knows the ins and outs of the fish, what they were attracted to, the best time to work to catch them, and where they most likely would be. He anticipated upcoming concerns and often addressed them even without having to communicate them.

A guide’s value is determined by what he provides. He is compensated for that value. Although there are many experienced guides on the lake, seven on this recent trip with our group, the guide who introduced, followed through and executed landing the biggest fish was rewarded for his efforts, his expertise. Of note, this guide communicated the expectations and intentions and adjusted the procedure in order to achieve the desired goal of catching larger fish.

Successful business owners didn’t get to be successful all by themselves. Sure - sometimes they are lucky, in the right place at the right time and some researched and trained for years. In order to sustain business success, I see that most successful business owners have surrounded themselves with incredibly talented people. Often these talented people begin with their spouse, then their business partners, next their employees, and then their trusted guides. These professional guides usually include an experienced, professional attorney, an equally efficient and qualified accountant, and often one or three financial advisors. Often they have multiple guides because their guides offer different areas of expertise. Each guide is not threatened by other guides, and each guide is compensated for their own expertise, the value they provide.

Whatever your desire for Your operating company may be, there is a better way. A better way to utilize capital, build wealth, and protect what is yours. There are many ways to utilize your capital. Owning YOUR own insurance company is certainly one of those ways. It is our expertise! Let us guide you through the process of education, implementation and execution of Captive Insurance and other advanced financial solutions, and create

Your Link to Security!

Rich Ericson, President • ALINK Captive Insurance Services • Direct: 720-213-0583

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