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February 3, 2020

The captive insurance industry has changed and continues to change.  How?  To better suit the needs of the consumer such as making adjustments and making captive insurance available to more companies in a more efficient manner, offering more and more lines of coverage....

January 30, 2020

Change is hard.  Change for change sake is usually not appropriate; however, we see change around us, constant change.  Those who don't change get left behind. Positive changes should be considered as Growth.

When there’s a better way to change, why don’t we as hum...

January 23, 2020

There is a quest going on in a search for the forward thinker. All around, in politics, in the NFL, in my meeting yesterday, all around it appears people are searching, interviewing, seeking to build relationships with, and working to hire forward thinkers. 

What is a f...

January 17, 2020


I feel secure when my life insurance policy is in place. Life Insurance provides Security.

Life insurance in its purest form provides security when a person dies. The effects of death are tremendous regardless of the timing.

When a person dies prematurely, the be...

January 10, 2020

Fill in the blank.  I feel secure when _________.

What is security? Financial, emotional, or legal?  It varies from one person to the next. Financial security may be defined with a specific dollar amount accumulated, a variety of investment accounts, or lifetime income....

December 16, 2019

: advantageous or satisfactory to all parties involved a win-win situation a win-win deal

There are three common scenarios regarding win – win relationships or strategies:

  1. Win – Lose.  Some strategies are created as an either/or proposition.  This...

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