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Timing & Sequencing

It’s all around us, It’s learned from childhood either by direct teaching or by example, It’s really important, sometimes It can be flexible, sometimes NOT. There may be deadlines, or NOT. Precision and details matter. It depends on a wide variety of variables.  It helps us be accountable.  Some people fight it while others embrace it. It’s part of most every business and their development.  Sometimes it can be sped up, and sometimes requires patience. “It” is Timing & Sequencing.

Timing & Sequencing suggests events or steps have to come in a particular order, or the result may not make sense, or the desired result may not even be possible. For example, you wouldn't want to put the frosting on a cake before you bake it, right? Usually, the steps come in time order; in other words, what happens first, second, third, and so on.  More than just sequential order, Timing & Sequencing involves intent, adjustments, process, and ultimately a finish line.

Timing & Sequencing can mean several things: 


“Begin with the End in Mind.”

“Finish what you start.”




And many, many more time and sequenced schedules, plans, resolutions, goals, or daily activity.  The common and ultimately most important factor of all regarding Timing & Sequencing is the fact that whatever task, process, goal, solution, or intent may be, it must have a beginning.  Results don’t happen by accident.  A sustainable, successful outcome over time requires many factors but they all have a beginning, a start, the first step, launch, or an opening.

Captive Insurance involves a great deal of Timing & Sequencing…….

Like most solutions, Captive Insurance requires timing & sequencing. From a macro perspective there is 1. Education 2. Implementation 3. Execution and maintenance 4. Distribution / Re-deployment 5. Exit.  Each of these broad steps can be broken down into much more detailed micro Timing & Sequencing of each category. Because many owners are unfamiliar, even ignorant of Captive insurance, at initial glance, Captive Insurance may appear complex. However, because business owners own their operating company, they can quickly see how owing their own insurance company makes sense.

Before a new company becomes a mature company, it must go through a process, typically the process of time.  In order to speed up that process, it is possible, however to do so, regulators may require different requirements such as additional significant capital.  This is an example of adjusting typical timing & sequencing.  

Beginning is the first step.  Not implementing, or executing.  Beginning to learn. Being open to learning.  Learning enough to take the next step.  The motivation of every business owner will be unique to their own circumstances of course.  The knowledge and understanding of what a Captive insurance company is, and what it is not may vary. Is a Captive Insurance company risky? Being open to a new to you - yet 100 year old, multi-Billion dollar industry, which protects your operating business, and turns premiums into profits, makes beginning and the subsequent steps well worth it.

Sequence & Timing. Begin with the end in mind. Begin with a Captive Insurance company in mind and create

Your Link to Security!

Rich Ericson, President

ALINK Captive Insurance Services

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