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Win - Win - Win!

: advantageous or satisfactory to all parties involved a win-win situation a win-win deal

There are three common scenarios regarding win – win relationships or strategies:

  1. Win – Lose. Some strategies are created as an either/or proposition. This one size fits all mentality may even be appropriate if a person recognizes and accepts the one size. Typically this proposition is short term.

  2. Win – Win expression, Win – Lose action. Some people say they believe in a win – win, yet their actions speak otherwise. Collaboration is only collaboration if the parties actually collaborate.

  3. Win – Win! Whether short or long term, people, relationships, or strategies who live this mantra …..WIN. In everything they do, the strategies they employ, the people around them are strengthened, momentum is created, and synergy abounds.

Each of these three scenarios play out all around us constantly, in families, athletics, socially, and business. Examples are endless. Winning is contagious. Winning is fun. Winning happens even when NOT keeping score.

1 + 1 = 3 or more. The exponential power and results of a win-win is endless.

Insurance is an unusual strategy to find win-wins. Whatever the coverage provided by an insurance company, public sentiment suggests a win/lose proposition where either the policy owner or the insurance company is the winner, and therefore the other is a loser. As a result, many people choose to self-insure, carry the risk themselves either personally or through their business so that they don’t lose. Self-insuring in this manner is informal, and certainly may be effective up to a point, a person or company’s cash flow and reserves.

There is a better way! One of the benefits of formal, bound insurance policies is the policy limits created for each exposure as well as the discipline created by having specific limits of premium, reserves, and claims paid.

Captive Insurance creates win/win situations. Business owners become the recipient of the policy benefits AND as the owner of the insurance company, the owner benefits from owning the insurance company. The assets of the insurance company are owned, retained, deployed, and eventually distributed to or for the owner of the insurance company.

Captive Insurance is a Win-Win-Win. The wins start and end with insurance, additional wins are efficiency, retained earnings, redeployment and many more. Not only is Captive insurance a Win-Win-Win, Captive insurance is

Your Link to Security!

Rich Ericson, President

ALINK Captive Insurance Services

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