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What keeps You up at night?

As a successful business owner you have tremendous responsibility ultimately for the operational, structural, development, adaptation, and the bottom line – continued financial success of YOUR business.

What if? or When?

Each one of these situations may happen. Not if, but when? Traditionally businesses adjust, they address these situations as they occur by taking resources out of the operating company, hire more sales people, cut back in other areas, switch providers, etc. If not, the business will eventually go out of business. Most businesses informally self-insure these risks. Each of these exposures, and there are many more, create a loss of income to the business. Which one(s) are keeping you up at night?

Billing errors & omissions Breach or release of data Directors & Officers

Pandemic Computer system failure Contractual liability Failure to perform on contract Defense cost reimbursement Loss of a key customer Loss of a key employee Employee Practices Loss of a key supplier Loss of Licensure Reputational Risk Accounts receivable

Administrative Action Supply Chain Interruption Loss of referrals Regulatory Change

Insure it!

As a profitable, successful business owner, insure it! Insure these low frequency – high severity lines of coverage formally. Not by paying premiums to a third party, rather by paying premiums to YOUR own insurance company.

A Captive Insurance Company is a Property and Casualty Insurance Company that is formed to cover risks of its parent company. Captive Insurance is a risk management tool which allows businesses to more effectively and efficiently manage corporate risk. Captives often are set up to insure loss of income risk, otherwise known as enterprise risk, risk for which commercial insurance is not available or may be too expensive. Additionally, medical stop-loss, deductible re-imbursement, surety bonds, or warranties may and should be insured through your Captive insurance company.

Insuring risk formally through YOUR insurance company protects your operating company, creates a new profit center, creating additional security.

Security allows business owners to sleep well at night. Owning your own Captive insurance company allows you to sleep well EVERY night, and is …

Your Link to Security!

Rich Ericson, President

ALINK Captive Insurance Services

• Direct: 720-213-0583 • Email:


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