What keeps You up at night?

As a successful business owner you have tremendous responsibility ultimately for the operational, structural, development, adaptation, and the bottom line – continued financial success of YOUR business. What if? or when? Each one of these situations may happen. Not if, but when? Traditionally businesses adjust, they address these situations as they occur by taking resources out of the operating company, hire more sales people, cut back in other areas, switch providers, etc. If not, the business will go out of business. Every business is self-insuring these risks. Each of these exposures, and there are many more, create a loss of income to the business. Which one(s) are keeping you up at n

Formal or Informal?

Formal or Informal? When does dressing up, suit and tie, polished shoes and a matching belt make a difference? The answer is, typically for the interviewee applying for one of key jobs in your company, a wedding, or a funeral. For business owners, there is another opportunity to dress up…. Business owners insure many risks of their business. Those required by law are insured formally through a third party carrier for workman’s comp, health insurance, errors and omissions, or auto coverage, and more. Additionally, business owners often informally insure many additional risks by setting aside assets “in case”, or they purchase extra inventory “in case”, or they truly self-insure by hoping, and

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